The First Company Governor's Foot Guard is a military unit of the State of Connecticut, although with a vibrant and active National Guard, the primary function of the Governor's Foot Guard is mostly ceremonial.   Statutory authority for the existence of the First Company comes from C.G.S. 27-6,  which authorizes the existence of and the organizational structure of the State Organized Militia Units.   As a military unit, the First Company follows policies and procedures set forth by statute, the policies, and orders of The Governor, and those set forth by The Adjutant General of the Connecticut National Guard.   These are the same rules that apply to members of the state National Guard and among other things, require members of the First Company to attend annual training each summer at the National Guard installation in Niantic and authorize the First Company for call-up to active duty by order of the Governor to assist in times of natural disaster and civil emergencies..  

Each year, the First Company Governor's Foot Guard participates in a variety of parades, escort duties for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and combined drills with the other 3 State Organized Militia Companies.   Among the services it provides to the state, the First Company Governor's Foot Guard organizes and runs the Governor's Inaugural Ball at no cost to the taxpayers of the State of Connecticut.   The First Company takes its tradition of over 230 years of service quite seriously, serving the Governor and the state in a variety of capacities, as a unit, subunits, and as individuals in areas ranging from military to artistic and educational.

The First Company's Color Guard proudly presents the Colors at  official state functions including National Guard, Reserve and ESGR events along with official state government ceremonies.  The First Company's Color Guard also appears at UCONN "Civic Center Home" basketball games.   In addition, the Color Guard also presents the Colors at a variety of events throughout the state when requested.   Some of these appearances have included presenting the Colors at a United States Scholastic Band Association marching band competitions, the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in South Windsor, the Black Governor's Ball, ESGR and AUSA events, and at the Greater Hartford Marathon.


While the Color Guard often travels to the far reaches of the state (and beyond) to render honors and provide service, some members of the First Company provide service to Connecticut's youngest citizens right in the Armory.   The First Company's Museum is not yet open to the public, but its curator, Major Loren Schave, has already provided numerous tours to scout groups, school groups and distinguished visitors to our armory.   Major Schave has also assisted the Military Department by providing several large displays at Bradley International Airport, the State Armory and the Capitol as well as a very large display that was displayed at Connecticut's Old State House from January through March of 2003.   Additionally, Major Schave has brought the living history of the early military units of Colonial Connecticut to numerous schools and institutions in Connecticut.


In addition to the activities of our Colors, Infantry soldiers and historians, many other members of the First Company are active outside of their regular drills.   In addition to its obligations and appearances with the full First Company Governor's Foot Guard, the Band presents concerts at numerous locations throughout Connecticut each year, ranging from the Wadsworth Athanaeum to the Bushnell's Belding Theater.   Supplementing its regular performances, the First Company's Band also co-sponsors concerts with schools across the state.  In this capacity, the First Company's Band has played concerts with groups ranging from elementary schools to colleges and universities.   Members of the First Company's Band also perform in small ensembles and as individuals, providing musical support for Color Guard details and as requested by the Governor.

The First Company also fields a Rifle Team, which competes at matches across the state.   The men and women of the First Company's rifle team practice and compete in addition to their jobs and regular obligations to the First Company, and have often taken top honors in the Military Rifle Team class.

Finally, the First Company's service to Connecticut's citizens would not be complete without its Honor Guard and Honor Guard Musicians.   The First Company works in conjunction with the State Military Department to provide firing details and musicians to render the final military honors that are due to the state's veterans.  In this capacity, members of the First Company also serve the state while honoring those who helped to secure our rights and our freedoms.

The Gallery section of this website includes photos of many of the above activities and is updated on a regular basis.   For more information, please contact Sergeant Kevin Cormack on the "Contact Us" page of this website.