by Lloyd W. Fowles

      May 19, 1812 ~ The Guard, while performing its traditional duty under Major Terry on Election Day had escorted the governor and state officials to Center Church for the annual sermon.  The state officials passed between the opened ranks of the Foot Guard which remained outside the church.  A U.S. Army recruiting Company marched down Main Street with the intent, evidently, of marching through the Foot Guard Company ~ or, as Colonel Deming relates, "of striking the Guard in the rear,". . . Major Terry on the portico of the church happened to notice the movement of the soldiers and "in a voice that could be heard a mile away ordered, "Attention, Battalion!  Right about face!  Charge bayonets!", the recruiting company came to inglorious halt "within a foot of the glittering steel of the Guard."  >So, according to legend, had the Foot Guard upheld the honor of the city and of the state.


February 22, 2004
Article edited for inclusion in "Battalion Review" by Major L. Schave

From An Honor to the State, by Lloyd Fowles.
Used with permission