Dog Show Committee Chairman            Master Sgt. Ed Connors

AKC Delegate           Lt. Col. John O'Connell

Dog Show News...

Our 92nd and 93rd shows will be on March 3rd and 4th in 2018

Venue for 2018 is in the Mallory Building on the grounds of the Eastern States Exposition

Separate shows; separate judging; separate champions

Saturday, March 3rd will be an AB/JSHW and BPUP
(All breed/junior showmanship and basic puppy)

Sunday the 4th will be an AB/JSHW and BPUP
(All breed/junior showmanship and basic puppy)

Please note that we will not have obedience trials this year

Click here for info about our Saturday AB/JSHW show from MB-F

Click here for info about our Saturday BPUP show from MB-F

Click here for info about our Sunday AB/O/JSHW Show from MB-F

Click here for info about our Sunday BPUP show from MB-F


If you are interested in reserving vendor space at our show, please contact

Come early, judging begins at 8:30 AM both days

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About the Foot Guard Dog Show...

Since the 1920’s, the First Company Governor’s Foot Guard Athletic Association has sponsored, with a small number of exceptions, annual AKC sanctioned dog shows. In the recent past we have been hosting two shows in one weekend. The current format of our Saturday show is AB/JSHW (All breed and Junior Showmanship) and BPUP (Basic Puppy). The format of our Sunday show is All Breed, Obedience and Junior Showmanship (AB/O/JSHW) and BPUP. Dogs entered in our show compete for championship points. We generally have approximately 1000 dogs entered in our show representing all seven groups (Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding) and representing about 140 different breeds. These entrants come from all over the United States and Canada.

Our shows are held, generally, on the third full weekend in February of the year but that has changed for our 2015 shows to accommodate other AKC events. This year, we are hosting our shows in a new venue; in the Young Building at the Eastern State Exposition in West Springfield, MA. The Hartford Obedience Training Club runs the obedience trials at our show.

Our dog show superintendent is MB-F, Inc. of Greensboro, NC, one of the premier dog show producers and managers in the United States.

Some of the proceeds of our dog show are used to fund two scholarships that are given to pre-veterinary students at the University of Connecticut; one attending the School of Agriculture and one attending the School of Natural Resources.

In the past, in addition to our AKC sanctioned show, we used to hold a match dog show. Due to situations beyond our control, we no longer hold our match show. Instead, in conjunction with the Hartford Obedience Training Club, we sponsor Canine Good Citizen (CGC) exams. We have not settled on a regular date for this event but if you are interested in attending or having your dog tested, please check back to our site. We'll publish the date of our next CGC exam date as soon as it is set.

Learn more about the AKC Canine Good Citizen program

Why does the Governor's Foot Guard Sponsor dog shows?

It may seem a bit unusual that a military organization such as the Governor's Foot Guard would sponsor dog shows and, in fact, dog shows are generally the purview of dog clubs. The following is excerpted from 'An Honor To The State' by Lloyd W. Fowles and lends some insight into how this came to be:

"March 3, 1924, marked the beginning of an important new venture in the annals of the Company. Private Maxon suggested that great benefits might derive from a Dog Show under the auspices of the American Kennel Club. The possibility of a substantial financial gain and exclusive control over dog shows in the area resulted in the passage of a resolution to hold a dog show in the following year. The Company now was involved in a new endeavor that eventually exceeded its hopes adn even teh capacity of it Armory. Assignment were completed and a very successful show, with Dr. Maxon as chariman, was held on February 27 and 28, 1925."

The rest, as they say, is history. The Foot Guard has continued, with a few exceptions, to sponsor dog shows.

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