Specific information can be obtained through one of the following methods below:

  • Call the Armory at 860-522-1337
  • Visit us Monday nights at our Armory
    159 High Street
    Hartford, CT
  • Our mailing address is:
    First Company, Governor's Foot Guard
    P.O. Box 1771
    Hartford, CT, 06144-1771

You may also contact one of the following persons for more information:

Color Sergeant
To request the First Company present the Colors at an event

George Lange, Color Sergeant

Quartermaster Department
Questions on uniforms & equipment

Captain Kevin Cormack

Recruiting and Membership Info
Captain Kevin Cormack

Band & Band Info
Captain David Carlson, Bandmaster

Corporal Emma Capitao, Band Manager

Publicity & Press Contact
Major Mark Boudreau

Content / Technical Concerns
Captain Kevin Cormack

To send a message to the Commandant on an area not outlined above.

Major Mark Boudreau

Complaints about the Stubby Article
Thank you for your interest, but messages regarding Sergeant Stubby's breed are not currently being accepted by members of this command.  The information in the Stubby Article is based upon research obtained from a variety of scholarly resources.  Those wishing to promote their personal agenda regarding Stubby's breed should direct all inquiries to the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History (http://www.si.edu), the official custodian of Stubby's history and remains.


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